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  • 1.Produced in the sterile clean room, the cover of this pocket-sized T(50mmx50mmx2mm)is made of PP, with 12-meter patented floss inside.
  • 2.Tooth, coming with six flavors, strawberry, peach, grape, orange, mint and blueberry, meets no rivals for now, peerless in the market.
  • 3.Package
  • One and only

  • T provides you with user-friendly medium for DIY advertising, allowing you to design a unique buisness card with public or DIY backgrounds in less one minute.
  • Show your care to your clients

  • A tooth-health-caring business card can show your warmth and care to you clients.
  • Involved into clients' daily life

  • This pocket-sized Tooth F, with high-quality design, can appear on the clients' table and desk, in their wallet, pocket, car and bathroom, seaminglessly involved into their daily life.
  • The most effective advertising

  • With 12-meter floss, used for a month, the advertisement on the cover of Tooth F can linger in users' mind for a long time. This "Business Card Floss" is cut out for corporate image promoting, brand building and unique charisma displaying.